JAM Empire Trading (JET) is an Iran polymer Manufacturer , Iran polymer supplier and Iran polymer exporter which is able to supply all grades of polymers. 

For instance, JAM Empire Trading (JET) is a brilliant Iran Polypropylene PP Manufacturer, Iran Polypropylene PP Supplier and Iran Polypropylene PP Exporter. Having a plethora of applications in several industries, Polypropylene is a very highdemanding product. What’s more, JAM Empire Trading (JET) is also a prominent Iran Polypropylene PP Random Copolymers Manufacturer, Iran Polypropylene PP Random Copolymers Supplier and Iran Polypropylene PP Random Copolymers Exporter.

Moreover, JAM Empire Trading (JET) is also a great Iran Polyethylene PE Manufacturer, Iran Polyethylene PE Supplier and Iran Polyethylene PE Exporter. Numerous grades of Polyethylene are used in several industries and it makes PE a strategic commodity. As it is mentioned here, JAM Empire Trading (JET) can supply all grades of Polyethylene. So it is not wrong if it is mentioned that JAM Empire Trading (JET) is an Iran LDPE Manufacturer, Iran LDPE Supplier, Iran LDPE Exporter, Iran LLDPE Manufacturer, Iran LLDPE Supplier, Iran LLDPE Exporter, Iran HDPE Manufacturer, Iran HDPE Supplier, Iran HDPE Exporter , Iran Raffia Manufacturer , Iran Raffia Supplier , Iran Raffia Exporter , Iran Film Manufacturer, Iran Film Supplier, Iran Film Exporter Iran Homopolymer ManufacturerIran Homopolymer Supplier, Iran Homopolymer Exporter and so on. 

Apart from abovementioned products, JAM Empire Trading (JET) is an outstanding Iran Polystyrene PS Manufacturer, Iran Polystyrene PS Supplier and Iran Polystyrene PS Exporter. Some of the Iranian petrochemical complexes have succeeded in producing all grades of Polystyrene in spite of needed state-of-theart technologies. JAM Empire Trading (JET) is honorably able to supply all grades of Polystyrene for eager applicants.

Several massive projects need to be supported by different grades of Polyvinyl Chloride PVC. JAM Empire Trading (JET) is a reliable Iran Polyvinyl Chloride PVC Manufacturer, Iran Polyvinyl Chloride PVC Supplier and Iran PVC Polyvinyl Chloride Exporter. Having such great source could be reassuring for those companies which are supporting huge projects. 

Polyethylene Terephthalate PET is another high-demanding product mostly used in bottle production. JAM Empire Trading (JET) as an Iran Polyethylene Terephthalate PET Manufacturer, Iran Polyethylene Terephthalate PET Supplier and Iran Polyethylene Terephthalate PET Exporter is able to supply this product for the respected customers. 

Agriculture and some other industries need huge amounts of Urea and Urea Formaldehyde. JAM Empire Trading (JET) as a reliable Iran Urea Manufacturer, Iran Urea Supplier, Iran urea Exporter, Iran Fertilizer Manufacturer, Iran Fertilizer Supplier, Iran Fertilizer Exporter, Iran Urea Formaldehyde Manufacturer, Iran Urea Formaldehyde Supplier and Iran Urea Formaldehyde Exporter, is able to supply these products in any amount for the respected applicants. 

JAM Empire Trading (JET) is also a great Iran Crystal Melamine Manufacturer, Iran Crystal Melamine Supplier and Iran Crystal Melamine Exporter. So all the grades of this product are available to be exported. 

There are several well-equipped and outstanding petrochemical complexes in Iran which JAM Empire Trading (JET) has got great business relationship with all of them. JAM Empire Trading (JET) has got sale agency from some of mentioned petrochemical complexes. Some of the best ones are listed below:



Jam Petrochemical Company, Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company, Shazand Petrochemical Company, Marun petrochemical Company, REGAL Petrochemical Company, Polynar Petrochemical Company, Tondgooyan Petrochemical Company, Tabriz Petrochemical Company, Kermanshah petrochemical Company, Khorasan Petrochemical Company, Asaluyeh Petrochemical Company, Arvand Petrochemical Company, Snowaeps Petrochemical Company, Persian Gulf Petrochemical Company, Mehr PetrochemicalCompany and Arya Sasol Petrochemical Company 

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